Small Basic – Flipping Shapes

Today, I’ll introduce a sample program to flip a picture drawn with Shapes object.  The program ID is MMF211. This program uses Shapes.Move(), Shapes.Zoom() and Shapes.Rotate() operations to flip the picture.  In this logic, a triangle must be symmetric (an isosceles triangle).


Small Basic Gurus, step up and be known!

August Gurus step up and show us your knowledge on the latest and the greatest technologies Microsoft have to offer! And for your efforts, eminent leaders in your technology will evaluate your contributions and award real virtual medals! All you have to do is add an article to TechNet Wiki from your own specialist field….


Flag of Brazil drawn with Small Basic

Rio Olympics have been started! Today I’ll show you a program to draw a flag of Brazil (NCF628). One of the challenges last month was rotating text.  This program has the function.   To draw rotating text, each character width in pixel is needed.  To get the widths, I used another program NJB522-0. Enjoy Olympics!…


Small Basic – Draw Moon Quiz

Screen shot of a program Draw Moon Quiz
Screen shot of a program Draw Moon Quiz

I’d like to introduce a new game program Draw Moon Quiz (BNN571). A moon picture is displayed on left.  So, select patterns on top and type the sequence on the bottom text box then push [Draw] button.  There are 8 questions.  Have fun!


Small Basic – Downloading the LitDev Extension

So, I was downloading the LitDev extension for Small Basic onto a new computer, and I thought I’d blog about it while it was fresh in my mind! =^) If you haven’t tried the LitDev extension, you’re depriving yourself of awesome!   Here’s the API Reference:   Here are some highlights of objects/classes in…


Small Basic – Exploring New Logos – Part 1

In the Small Basic team, we have a great designer, Ram, who is helping us explore new logos. Please keep in mind that these logos are currently being used for internal Microsoft projects. We aren’t finished yet. That said/written, we welcome your feedback! Please leave a comment below! Here is our current logo: Our Small…


Small Basic – Traditional Patterns

Do you know any traditional patterns in your country?  In Japan, there are a lot of patterns.  Today I introduce some of them.  If you can decompose a pattern into some shapes (such like rectangles, ellipses, triangles or lines), you can code to draw the pattern. Yagasuri (矢絣) – designed feathers of arrows Asanoha (麻の葉)…


Small Basic – Gather Code Samples

When I started to learn BASIC, there was a reference manual which has a simple sample code for each statement. The picture above is a page of the manual.  For each statement [Function], [Syntax], [Versions], [Description], [Example] are described.  Especially, the sample codes were very useful to learn BASIC. But for Small Basic, there is…