Happy Birthday Small Basic – The 8th Anniversary

Can you read the message on the LCD in this photo?  Happy Birthday, Small Basic! Today’s Small Basic program is ‘ Send Text to Serial Port ‘ Version 0.1 ‘ Copyright © 2016 Nonki Takahashi. The MIT License.   TextWindow.Title = “Send Text to Serial Port” Init() While “True”   txt = TextWindow.Read()   LDCommPort.TXString(txt + LF)…


Small Basic – Arduino Sample Programs

This March LitDev introduced about Arduino on this blog.  Today, I’d like to introduce my Small Basic programs using Arduino. The first one is the IR Turtle controller (HLT038). The circuit is like (GZN399): The Arduino program irdemo.ino is from osoyoo.com.  More details about this program are described here. The second one is a thermometer…


Calling all Small Basic Gurus. October readers need feeding!

Feed the readers! Hey you! Want to be a real-life virtual guru? (pun intended) Do you want to win the love and admiration of the community you work in? You can win REAL virtual medals and prove your skills, in a competition that is judged by real Microsoft judges! Gurus who continue to shine soon get noticed!…


Small Basic – Kinect Sensing

Once I wrote about Kinect for Small Basic Extension and a sample code for KinectWindow object. Today I’d like to introduce more samples for KinectBodyList and KinectFaceList objects. Program ID JTH778 is a KinectBodyList sample program. Program ID LGR919-0 is a KinectFaceList sample program. More details are described here in TechNet Wiki.


Small Basic October 2016 Challenges of the Month – Spinning Top, Tic Tac Toe, Calculating Change, and more!

Hello Small Basic people! Post your solutions here, in this Small Basic Forum thread: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/30d7de11-14ec-40f5-aa0f-8f2919697eed/challenge-of-the-month-october-2016   These challenges are intended for people who are learning to program for the first time or for those returning to programming who want to start using Small Basic.  Some will be easy, some will be hard – but they…


Features of Small Basic Array

Array in Small Basic has following features. associative array flexible length index is case-insensitive null value removes the index multiple dimension Associative Array In Small Basic, an index of an array does not have to be an integer number.  A text such like “id” can be used as an index.  Generally this kind of array…


Featured Small Basic Wiki Article: Read and Write CSV Files

Here is a classic article from Florian that examines how to use CSV files in Small Basic. Read the full article here: Small Basic: Read and Write CSV Files And here is an excerpt: =========================== What is CSV? Comma separated values (CSV) is a file format that is used to exchange data between programs. It…


Multitasking in Small Basic

Screen shot of a program Macrophotography slides show with 2 music song in asynchrome LD mode
Screen shot of a program Macrophotography slides show with 2 music song in asynchrome LD mode

Key Point of Multitasking What is the difference between single tasking and multitasking? If two or more tasks work at the same time, some (hardware or software) resources should be shared among them.  The resources may be mouse, timer, variables, or object properties. LDCall Object in LitDev Extension There is a useful object LDCall in…


Small Basic has 2.4 Million Installations (plus 10 other factoids)

Here are some high-level basics about Small Basic: Head to SmallBasic.com to download Small Basic and get started! Small Basic is great for students, age 8 to 108! It is a custom concise language based on .NET, with only 14 keywords. It features IntelliSense® for beginners It features an Always-open Help pane It is Social:…


Small Basic – Synchronous and Asynchronous Type Operations

The challenge of this month has Multitasking Challenge.  In Small Basic, there are two types of operations.  One is synchronous type, the other is asynchronous type.  Most of operations are synchronous type that wait the operations done before starting the next step.  But some operations are asynchronous type that don’t wait the operations done. Asynchronous…