Strange days are these…

As many readers know (Wait, is there really more than one?) by now my position on the .NET Micro framework team was eliminated. I was given 60 days to find a job within Microsoft before termination and severance kicked in on July 4th. Last week I started to write a farewell as my final post. However, I had one final interview loop to go, so I held off… Apparently somebody liked me in this interview as I got the job! I’ve moved to the Windows Embedded team as a developer. (I can’t say much about it at this point as we’re working on some new stuff and I’m not entirely clear on what’s public info or not but as things go public I’ll be sure to blog about it!) I officially started on Thursday last week so things switched pretty quickly.

While I won’t be abandoning the .NET MF, I’ll shift my blogging to a larger embedded products focus depending on my current whims. I will follow through and finish on the KIOSK emulator and basic demo app code. I’ll also probably spend some time dissecting the FusionWare::DFX (Driver Framework for windows CE). Since it is publicly available in source code form I can make a change or two to increase the overall efficiency of the system that was more difficult to do when it was something we tried to protect as “IP”.


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