TAHOE/Meridian firmware updates and a New .NET Micro Framework Rapid Prototyping system

Device Solutions just released new Tahoe II firmware and an updated SDK. In the documentation is a section on the new Meridian/P module. (No info available on their website yet though) This is looking really cool! The direct support for SchmartBoard format makes it extremely easy to use for rapid prototyping and hobby projects!

From the docs:

Meridian/P Micro Development Board

The Meridian/P (/P for Prototype) Micro Development Board contains all the functionality of the Meridian CPU, but in a prototype-friendly format.

It incorporates a Freescale i.MXS ARM920T based processor, 8Mbytes of SDRAM, 4Mbytes of flash memory, along with an LCD controller, USB function, GPIO, SPI bus, I2C bus and serial ports. The I/O pins are all available through 0.1" headers. These have not been populated to allow you to mount them on the top or bottom of the board. Two of the expansion connectors are identical to the Tahoe-II expansion connectors, allowing Ethernet and future expansion boards to be used on the Meridian/P.

The Meridian/P form-factor fits with the SchmartBoard system. Schmartboards provide a quick and easy way to solder surface mount components, including fine pitch QFPs and BGAs.  For more information see www.schmartboard.com

The Meridian/P Technical Reference Manual includes everything you need to know about the hardware and expansion connectors.  There is also a summary of the expansion connectors [in the documentation].

Product Features

  • i.MXS + Memory  The Meridian/P features the same core components as the Meridian CPU.

  • USB Function for Power and Download/Debug

  • RS232 Serial Port The Meridian/P has a RS232 level serial port available on the J2 header.  A further serial port is available on EXP1.

  • Expansion Connectors Meridian/P includes 4 x 0.1" headers.  Two of these (EXP1 and EXP2) are identical to the expansion connectors found on Tahoe-II, allowing you use expansion boards on both platforms.  All headers are on a 0.1" grid.

  • User LED and Switch See the Getting Started Guide for an application that uses these features.

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