Buy .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit from Microsoft Store (really!)

You can now buy the .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit from the Microsoft Store. At this time the store only supports credit cards in the US or EU. Other regions will need to contact netmfbiz @ to arrange an order.

Comments (2)

  1. This release includes a compiler or a third party compiler is still needed to build the microframework?

    There is a list of the supported compilers and architectures?

  2. The .NET Micro Framework Porting kit does not include a native code compiler. The supported compilers are: ARM RVDS3.0, RVDS 3.1, MDK3.1, GCC 4.2 (CodeSourcery is the only build tested), ADI’s compilers for the Blackfin.

    The CPU Architectures currently supported are ARM and Blackfin.

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