3…2…1… Launch!

.NET Micro Framework V3.0 launched today at the Embedded Systems Conference In Boston! (Woohooo! - Can I sleep now?)

(Sadly, I wasn't able to attend the event as planned due to an illness.) If you are in the area check us out at the Microsoft booth if not here are some highlights:

In the SDK:

  • Touch and Gesture support
  • Native code interoperability
  • SSL support
  • A FAT32 File System
  • DPWS code generation (MFSvcUtil)
  • Antialiased fonts
  • USB Device support
  • VS 2008 support
  • C# Express Edition compatibility

In the porting Kit and run-time:

  • A new and still smaller footprint of 256K Flash and 64 K RAM
  • Support for the ADI Blackfin processor family
  • Solution Wizard to allow users to select the features that they want and auto-generates the build configuration files
  • Support for building with GCC tools
  • Much improved documentation
  • A Click to Buy experience on MSSTORE [ No more NDAs and big long documents to sign!]
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