Windows Embedded Device Manager 2011 released! At long last the curtain opens on what I’ve been working on over the last year.


.NET Micro Framework : .NET Micro Framework 4.0 Goes to Beta!!!

The .NET Micro Framework V4.0 has gone into public beta. Congrats to the team for all the hard work getting this done with reduced resources and an uphill legal battle on the source code release! .NET Micro Framework : .NET Micro Framework 4.0 Goes to Beta!!!


.NET Micro Framework V4.0 Beta

The .NET V4.0 Beta is coming to a PC near you. Sign up on Microsoft Connect to get your copy when it becomes available!n Lot’s of great new features and SOURCE CODE in this release!


Download details: .NET MF Port Kit

In case you hadn’t noticed or seen it. The .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit V3.0 is now freely available on MS downloads. This isn’t a new version, it’s the same one we released in 3Q08. It’s just a free download now. Work is progressing on the next version so stay tuned Download details: .NET MF…


Strange days are these…

As many readers know (Wait, is there really more than one?) by now my position on the .NET Micro framework team was eliminated. I was given 60 days to find a job within Microsoft before termination and severance kicked in on July 4th. Last week I started to write a farewell as my final post….


Colin has posted a clarification of rumors

Please see Colin’s post for official word on rumors about the demise of .NET Micro Framework. (Hint: he’s NOT dead Jim!)


Building a WPF Emulator Part V

In our last episode the super hero(ok it was just me) was creating a device emulator for a KIOSK system based on the .NET Micro Framework. So far we’ve seen the application code from the custom emulator side of things but haven’t looked at any of the XAML yet. So what is this XAML stuff…


GHI releases updated firmware for Embedded Master

GHI has released updated firmware for the Embedded Master module. New features include: Version 1.0.7 04/29/2009 Firmware Version 03.00.000 Tiny Booter Version 03.00.000 > Includes .Net Micro Framework V3.0 Service Pack 1 > TinyBooter is defaulted to USB > User can access Ethernet registers now > Custom PPP communication interface support > In-Field update support…


.NET Micro Framework Porting kit is now available in MSDN subscriptions

Yesterday the .NET MF team announced that the .NET Micro Framework will be available in the MSDN subscriptions starting with the OS level subscription. This is great news as MSDN is already available in many distribution outlets world wide. With the recent addition of the Windows Embedded Family of products into MSDN you can get…