Description of Tables and Columns in VS 2010 Load Test Database

In this blog post I am going to update Bill Barnett’s post which describes the tables and columns in the load test database.  Here is Bill’s original post which applies to VS 2005 and VS 2008:  2008 Database First, in VS 2010 the default load test database name has been changed from LoadTest to LoadTest2010.  Now let’s review the tables.  ***…


Convert Comments entered in Web Test Recorder into Transactions

This post is going to be one more sample of a Web Test Recorder Plug-in.  The recorder plug-ins are a new feature in VS 2010.  In this sample, we will convert comments that are entered in the recorder into transactions.  I have heard this request from a number of people and thought it would be…


VSTS 2010 Feature: Another Sample Web Test Recorder Plug-in

In a previous post I wrote about a new feature that was added for VS 2010 called extensible recorder plug-ins.  Here is that post: Recorder Plug-ins Basically recorder plug-ins give you the opportunity to modify a recorded web test prior to the test being saved back to the web test editor.  So if you always…


VSTS 2010 Feature: ASP.NET profiler integration with Load Tests

One of the new features in VSTS 2010 is Data Collectors.  Data collectors can run as part of your test run and then associate the data collected with the test.  This is also an extensibility point.  You can create your own data collectors and store any kind of data with your test runs.  The following…


VSTS 2010 Feature: Branching and Looping in Declarative Web Tests

We continue to add features to the declarative web test model that will try to allow you to stay in the web test editor and only go to code for custom rules, plugins, etc.  Prior to VSTS 2010, if you wanted to do any real branching or looping in web tests, you would have to…


VSTS 2010 Feature: Find/Replace in Web Test Editor

This blog post will describe the find/replace functionality added to the web test editor. This functionality was added in the Beta 2 release. A piece of feedback that we have heard a number of times is “It would be nice if I could create a context parameter and then easily replace all instances of a…


VSTS 2010 Feature: Data Source Enhancements

This blog post will describe the enhancements that have been made to the data source functionality in web tests.  We have heard the following feedback a number of times: I would like to be able to reload the data source while a load test is running I want to be able to use a column…


Debugging Custom Validation/Extraction rules, Web Test and Load Test Plug-ins

Most of my recent posts have been about new features in VS 2010.  This post is going to show you how to debug your custom rules.  This applies to VS 2005, VS 2008 and VS 2010.  First let’s create a Test Project Then Right click on the project node and select Add –>  Web Test…


VSTS 2010 Feature: API for Processing Web Test Results

One request which we have received a number of times is something like, “The Web test playback UI is great for when you are in VS, but I need to share these results with others.  Can I generate a report from the web test result?” In VS 2005 and 2008, the web test result was…


VSTS 2010 Feature: Load Testing Run Comparison Report in Excel

This blog post is going to be about one of my favorite new features added for Beta2. In Beta1 we added excel integration for reporting on Load Test Reports. In beta1, the report that was added was a trend report which would give you a feel for how certain counters changed from run to run….