Sharing Test Results

Check out this blog post for how to share test results:


Sharing Results

This blog will just point out the ability to save out results of a set of tests.  For example, you can run a web test or a set of unit tests and then share those results with another person on your team.  Maybe you ran a web test and see a problem that you want…


How to create a custom counter set

The following blog post will describe how to create custom counter sets:


Creating custom counter sets

This blog post will describe how to create custom counter sets.  First let me start with what a counter set is.  It is a collection of counters that you can collect during the execution of a load test.  Visual Studio provides a number of counter sets already defined.  They are sets such as IIS or SQL.  In…


Access Methods in Web Test Data Sources

The following blog post will discuss access methods in data sources and what happens when you run a load test on multiple agents.


Description of Access methods in data sources

This blog post will discuss the access methods of data sources.  Data sources are used when you want to bind a field in your web test to a database, csv file, xml file, etc.  For example you might have a database that contains a list of users for your system.  If you add this database…


Description of web test execution

This blog post will describe what happens and what does not happen when a web test executes: