Sharing Results

This blog will just point out the ability to save out results of a set of tests.  For example, you can run a web test or a set of unit tests and then share those results with another person on your team.  Maybe you ran a web test and see a problem that you want to share with a developer.  You can export the results of the web test and then send the results to someone else.  This can be done for any of the test types. 

There is one difference for sharing load test results.  Most result types store all the information about the test result in the trx file.  However, load tests do not store all the information about each of the counters in the trx.  The trx stores some high level information and then a connection string to the database that contains the actual results.  So if you share out the results of a load test, you need to make sure that the person you are sharing the results with has access to the load test database.

Here is the MSDN link for exporting test results:


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