Developing a Fiddler Web Test Plugin

The following article walks you through the process of writing your own fiddler web test plugins and shows you how you can modify what fiddler saves to the .webtest file:

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  1. This is my last post for today, I promise. But Ed Glas (on the VSTS Test team) asked me to help publicize

  2. 沒聽過 fiddler ? 你也應該試試下載 Fiddler2 HTTP Debugger – Fiddler2 Sean Lumley’s Blog 整理了一份很詳細的文件, 你可以用 Fiddler

  3. We have released a new version of fiddler and dramatically improved the web test generation from a fiddler

  4. s_sunger says:

    We are using fiddler2 to record webtests. Once we get the webtest we use the generate code button to genarate a C# file. Now our question when we make changes in the C# file how can we see them being updated or reflected in the webtest. Is this possible?


  5. Visual Studio Team System for Testers Content Index for Web Tests and Load Tests Getting Started Online

  6. selvakumar says:

    I recorded  the session in the fiddler how to save as in vsts 2005.

    In my vsts not ads in fiddler .how to ads in vsts.

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