Web tests work at the HTTP layer

This blog post will explain how web tests work.  The main thing to understand about VSTS web tests is that they work at the HTTP layer.  Before I explain what this means let me explain what this does not mean.  VSTS web tests do not load responses into a browser and do NOT execute java…


Article for authoring and debugging VS2008 Web Tests

Check out this great post by Ed Glas for a lot of valuable information for debugging web tests: http://blogs.msdn.com/edglas/archive/2007/12/02/web-test-authoring-and-debugging-techniques-for-vs-2008.aspx  


Debugging Load Test Errors

This blog post will walk you through how to debug one type of error that may appear during your load test: http://blogs.msdn.com/slumley/pages/debugging-errors-in-load-test.aspx


Debugging errors in Load Test

One of the common questions I get is similar to this: “My web test runs fine when it is run by itself, but starts failing when run in a load test.  What is wrong with my web test?”  First, if your test runs successfully when it runs standalone then more then likely, your test is…


Modeling multiple user groups within a load test

Check out this post for how to use multiple load test scenarios to model multiple user groups within a load test:  http://blogs.msdn.com/slumley/pages/using-mutliple-scenarios-in-a-load-test-to-model-user-load-for-different-groups.aspx


Using mutliple scenarios in a load test to model user load for different groups

I have seen a few questions about when using load tests how to get a certain number of users executing one set of tests and another set of users executing another set of tests.  For example, suppose your web site is supporting a sales organization.  You will likely have a certain set of pages that…


Generating 90th and 95th percentile data as well as how to collect timing details for every single page, test and transaction

Checkout this blog post for information on how to collect timing details about every page, test and transaction in your load test as well as generate 90th and 95th percentile data for the pages, tests and transactions: http://blogs.msdn.com/slumley/pages/how-to-get-90th-and-95th-percentile-information-as-well-as-timing-details-for-every-page-test-and-transcation.aspx


What’s new in Orcas Posts

Check out this post for links to more information about new features in Orcas: New Features


Great Web/Load testing resource

Ed Glas has put together a great index of resources for web/load testing.  Check it out, there is a lot of good information in there: Web/Load Resources