Adding multiple plugins to a web test

The following post walks you through the process of adding multiple request and test plugins to a web test:

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  1. iiqbal says:


    I am learning visual studio for tester, I am having one query

    Please clear my point

    Scenario I want to test

    Objective =Load testing of hotmail

    Steps to execute this scenario

    Open the hotmail page

    Enter the user name and password

    Click on new link

    Enter the email in “To” field say

    Click on send button

    Application submit the mail and  Sign-out from hotmail

    Record the above scenario in Visual studio test editions

    Vs Test editions record and play the above scenario with out any error


    But it doesn’t send mail in testing environment or in Visual studio browser or when I play this record web test


    What is reason of this, if Visual studio for tester is not supporting these kinds of things, how we can test application in real environment

    Suppose we provide the 100 of user email and password with the help of data binding at login page, but application is not sending mail what is the benefit of this tool

    I am very confuse, please tell me solutions

    Thanks in advance

  2. Visual Studio Team System for Testers Content Index for Web Tests and Load Tests Getting Started Online

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