Load Test Reports

         I have been working on creating a set of reports which will report on the data in the Load Test Results store which is part of Visual Studio 2005 Team Test Edition.   These reports have been developed using SQL Server Reporting Services.  One of the benefits of using this package is that it allows the reports to be generated in a number of different formats.  For example, you can view them through a website, pdf file or excel work book.  Another benefit is that the reports can be customized rather easily.  The reports are now available on codeplex: http://www.codeplex.com/loadtestreports/


Check out this blog post for screen shots: http://blogs.msdn.com/slumley/pages/load-test-reports.aspx


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  1. mattp65 says:

    Will you be posting the actual reports for us?

    Also, the images don’t appear to be working.

  2. Rob Caron says:

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  3. slumley MSFT says:


    Sorry about the links not appearing for you.  I will try to figure out why.  If you send me an email from the blog home page, I can email you a power point deck which has the full set of screen shots.

    I am going through the process of making these publicly available and hope to have them for you soon.


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  5. Chad says:

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  7. Sean Lumley created some very nice custom reports about Load Testing Results from Team System located

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