Silverlight Performance @ MIX 11

This week in Las Vegas Microsoft hosted MIX 11.  This year was a great one to learn about Silverlight Performance at MIX, with three sessions dedicated to the topic!  The sessions are now available for on-demand streaming, I’ve embedded them below for easy viewing.  If you like the sessions, please click through and rate them…

Silverlight Runtime Inspector Tools

Not sure if folks are aware, but in addition to the Silverlight Spy tool which is a great visual tool to explore your application runtime tree and detect possible perf bottlenecks, there is also a free tool called Silverlight Inspector. Silverlight Inspector is a free utility that lets you view your app visual tree and…


Silverlight Performance Best Practices and Resources page posted

Just wanted folks to know that we added a new pages called Silverlight Performance Best Practices and Resources where we plan to keep up-to-date with list of perf best practices and resources. Enjoy. Jossef

CLR Profiler for Silverlight 4 is now available

David Bronman just posted a new (free) version of the CLR Profiler that supports Silverlight 4 as well as .NET Framework 4. See more details here.

Performance on Silverlight TV

John Papa recently invited us for an appearance on Silverlight TV to talk about Silverlight Performance, as embedded here for your viewing pleasure: See the attached .zip file for slides, scripts, and code samples! -Mike

Silverlight Firestarter Performance Talk

The Silverlight Performance Team will be giving a talk at Silverlight Firestarter this afternoon at 3:30pm PST on ‘Profiling and Performance Tips’.  You can tune in at Update: The talk is now available as a standalone video on Channel9 here. -Mike


Silverlight Performance Tip: Understanding the impact of Effects on performance

We recently received a request from a developer to help analyze performance for a basic Silverlight application.  This particular app was used as one of the Silverlight SDK samples (See image below). The application had a simple set of controls on a form, but its CPU usage was very high.  I wanted to share our…


What’s new for Performance in Silverlight 4 GDR1

Hopefully folks saw the announcement about Silverlight 4 Service Release GDR1 availability. See Tim’s link here and KB2164913.  The service release is being distributed by Microsoft Update as an Important update on Vista/Win7 and Critical update on Windows XP/ Windows 2003 Server. Mac and other Windows users who did opt-in for Microsoft Update will be prompted…

Analyzing Silverlight Memory Usage: Part 1 – Obtaining Measurements

A View from the Top So you’ve decided that it’s time to optimize the memory footprint of your Silverlight application.  Before you’ll be able to do this analysis and optimization, you’ll need to understand a little bit about the way that Silverlight is structured.   Though the Silverlight programming model that you’ve come to know…


Silverlight Startup Best Practices

Introduction Startup is important because it is the first interaction that your user has with your application.  You get one chance to impress, and failure to do so could mean the user closing and/or uninstalling your application permanently.  What follows is a set of tips and tricks you can use to supercharge the startup path…