More CE database Q&A

Posting some questions I received from my blog. 1. You mentioned the that the maximum size of an object store is 256MB. Which versions of Windows CE does this apply, Windows Mobile 2003, Pocket PC 2002? It applies to all versions of Windows CE. 2. Do the limitations of database in the object store apply…


ADOCE 3.1 and PPC 2003

So, now that I’ve posted a message saying it’s not possible to use the two together, I found a newsgroup post that says otherwise.*&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&group=microsoft.public.windowsce.*&c2coff=1& I haven’t tried this myself to see if it really works.  I still think the Windows Mobile team recommends you don’t do this — you should still strongly consider migrating over to SQL-CE….


Common CE database questions

Q: Is it possible to use the CEDB APIs (CeMountDBVol, CeOpenDatabaseEx, etc) to open an existing database (.cdb file), and then read records from it?  Or must I use ADOCE? A: If the database was created using ADOCE, then you should use ADOCE to access it. The CEDB APIs *can* be used to access the…