CeLog documentation

At long last, a big chunk of work I did to add documentation of CeLog & Remote Kernel Tracker has finally shown up in a form you can view.


I did a huge brain dump and tried to get all of my tips & tricks down on paper.  There are descriptions of how to use tools to gather data on standalone devices, how to log your own data and how to customize the tools.  There is a little bit more work to go -- some information really required Kernel Tracker screen shots, and right now we can't include screen shots in our documentation.  We've been discussing other formats to release the information in, but for now I am planning to post a bunch of it on my blog.  I have it mostly written up, but am trying to set up a web share to hold the pictures.  (I don't have any storage space to use with my blog, so I can only post text at the moment, but that should change soon.)

So look for more in the coming days!  I got to show off Remote Kernel Tracker to a lot of folks at MEDC, and got some good questions.  I hope that between the documentation posted above and the material I'll add to my blog soon, you'll get to be as much an expert in using CeLog and Remote Kernel Tracker as I am.

Happy logging!


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