Lock Convoys and How to Recognize Them

The problem: When using a particular application on one specific device, users noticed very bad UI response for a period of a few seconds.  After those seconds, UI responsiveness went back to normal.   The investigation: I used ActiveSync to drop celog.dll and oscapture.exe onto a standalone device.  I could have hooked the device up…


[misc] Getting Kids into Computers

Links I turned up from recent discussions of this topic: Scobleizer: http://radio.weblogs.com/0001011/2005/05/25.html#a10197 Erick Mack: http://www.ericmackonline.com/ica/blogs/emonline.nsf/dx/how-to-get-your-kids-interested-in-computers Jeff Sandquist, Bitman’s Palace: http://www.jeffsandquist.com/WelcomeToBitmansPlace.aspx Kid’s Programming Language: http://www.ms-inc.net/kpl.aspx I keep thinking of how I’d like to get more involved in getting kids into programming.  I even tried seeing if I could volunteer-teach an after-school thing at my local high…


Windows CE eHow-tos and Tutorials! WOW!!

I saw a blip of this at MEDC, and just checked it out myself.  How cool!  It’s like a DevCon for all to share! http://msdn.microsoft.com/embedded/getstart/basics/tutorialsce/default.aspx Most of it is pretty basic stuff, but if you’re new to Windows CE, you should check some of these out!  (If you are new to performance tools like Remote Kernel Tracker which…


Using RAM over 512MB

Q: I can use only 512MB of RAM from my device. How can I address the remaining RAM ? On one of your posts you said that there is a way to go with more that 512 MB RAM. Can you help me on this issue? A: Windows CE can’t address more than 512MB.  There’s no way…


[BBC] Commentary: CEO Blogs

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4576737.stm Hmm this makes me wonder.  If it’s true that those pointy-haired individuals at the top of the ladder have nothing useful to contribute to a blog, then at what point do you stop being “eligible?”  How high must you rise before you transform from a fount of knowledge to a fount of marketing?  


Recognizing Excessive Thread Switching

Sometimes the source of a performance problem is not that code is too slow, but that threads switch too frequently. When the system switches between threads, the system consumes extra cycles in scheduling activities such as selecting the next thread to run, or switching to the new thread, rather than spending the time executing application…


Remote Kernel Tracker: More things you should recognize

I have a few more examples of patterns you can recognize when you’re looking at CeLog threading data in Remote Kernel Tracker.  Note: these images are wacky heights because I tweaked them to cut off white space that didn’t contain any CeLog data. Thread Migration I realized that in my previous Kernel Tracker post I…


Introduction to Remote Kernel Tracker

When you connect to a device with Remote Kernel Tracker, or when you open a log file that has been collected by one of the other CeLog tools, you’ll see a lot of data you may not understand.  At MEDC this past week, a few people asked for a better explanation of what they’re seeing. …


CeLog documentation

At long last, a big chunk of work I did to add documentation of CeLog & Remote Kernel Tracker has finally shown up in a form you can view. http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/wcedebug5/html/wce50conEventTracking.asp I did a huge brain dump and tried to get all of my tips & tricks down on paper.  There are descriptions of how to…