Thread Lab materials are posted for EDC participants

They've finally posted my thread lab handouts and code up on  So if you went to DevCon and need that material, you can get it now.  The handout contains everything I talked about in my hands-off lab, but also has some details I didn't, mostly samples of other threads (explorer.exe, cmd.exe) interfering with program behavior.  Also check out the explanation of how to recognize data loss in section 5.

If you didn't attend EDC and don't have access to the materials, I don't think I am supposed to give them out.  But I will be working to make them generally available one way or another -- hopefully to integrate them into Platform Builder help.


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  1. Sue Loh says:

    Actually it appears that there is a problem with the materials — you can see them in the download list but can’t download them. I asked the people in charge of the page to investigate.

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