CE memory division between “storage” & “program” memory

Somehow I’ve been involved in a bunch of discussions on this subject lately, so I figured I might as well lay out some of the issues. Q:  What are the ways to set the way memory splits between storage & program memory?  Or in other words, how do I set the size of the object…


ADOCE 3.1 and PPC 2003

So, now that I’ve posted a message saying it’s not possible to use the two together, I found a newsgroup post that says otherwise. http://groups.google.com/groups?q=About+ADOCE3.1+installing+on+PPC+2003+group:microsoft.public.windowsce.*&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&group=microsoft.public.windowsce.*&c2coff=1&selm=A97B44E8-BB4A-4380-8BB9-0725FB993B37%40microsoft.com&rnum=1 I haven’t tried this myself to see if it really works.  I still think the Windows Mobile team recommends you don’t do this — you should still strongly consider migrating over to SQL-CE….


What WINDOWS CE debugging tools would you like to see?

Just an informal survey — I use some of our tools all the time, some rarely.  I have my own nitpicks I’d like fixed and features I’d like to see added.  But there’s no guarantee I see the world the way you do.  What are your opinions? Here are some ideas of my own, to…


2 [ExtremeTech, JupiterResearch] A couple of PMC reviews

ExtremeTech did a not-so-favorable review of PMC: http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1558,1624206,00.asp   And an analyst from Jupiter Research analyzed the ExtremeTech article in some depth on his blog: http://weblogs.jupiterresearch.com/analysts/gartenberg/archives/003381.html  


3 [Yahoo] Amazon to Take Pre-Orders for Portable Media Center

http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=582&e=1&u=/nm/20040709/wr_nm/tech_microsoft_portablemediacenter_dc The pre-order site is www.amazon.com/portablemediacenters.  They have devices from Creative and Samsung shown there. I had one of the Creative devices to play with for a while.  The UI is very well done and has a lot of cool factor, and the device is pretty sturdy and good quality audio/video. I loved having all of my ~230…


Thread Lab materials are posted for EDC participants

They’ve finally posted my thread lab handouts and code up on www.edccontent.com.  So if you went to DevCon and need that material, you can get it now.  The handout contains everything I talked about in my hands-off lab, but also has some details I didn’t, mostly samples of other threads (explorer.exe, cmd.exe) interfering with program…


I survived!

Hooray, I survived DevCon!  The kernel talk and perf talk were ready to go by Monday, and after many short nights last week and this week, my lab was ready “enough” by Wednesday morning.  The handouts are missing some screenshots and a lot of polish.  The program I demo’d with was not quite as complete…