New Zune HD Unveiled

The new Zune HD is revealed (picture below)! Check out the official Zune HD Page, as well as an Engadget article. Highlights include: Full touchscreen Wi-Fi HD Radio recevier HD video out (with use of an HDMI-compatible docking station) Web browser Coming this fall – it’s on my Christmas list!

A Mock Business Plan for the New Microsoft Stores

“Coming Soon, to a Mall Near You” So if you haven’t check your favorite news site already, Microsoft has announced plans to open retail stores (for real – we’ve even hired a VP to do it). Initial, knee-jerk thoughts vary greatly, from the “what are they thinking” to “hey, that could work”.. I’m mixed on…


Need your Zune Fixed? Great experience!

So I have one of the new Zunes – 8GB black one to be exact.  I bought it a few months ago.  About 3 weeks ago it just died.. dead in the water, no power, no button response, no reset/reboot, nothing.  Great, now what?  I decided to call the Zune support line to see if there…