First Coding Lesson to my Son: Coding Saves Time

First of all – it’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  The craziness of the fall, combined with some (what I feel was) much-overdue vacation, has dropped of my posting frequency.  I’m hoping to remedy this going forward! So to jump back into things, I want to share a short, at home anecdote about…

TFS on MSNBC Mobile

Okay, so this isn’t the type of coverage you’d probably want to see – but nevertheless I found it amuzing.  I guess Team Build plays an important part in publishing the mobile MSNBC pages..

"How "Synthy is Your House?

I’ve started playing around with PhotoSynth, and today I created my first synth.  I’m not sure if I did it correctly or not, but I think it’s cools to see how well it turned out my first time around:


The "Mojave Experiment"

Curious?  It’s an interesting way to see the different between perception and reality when it comes to Windows Vista.

iPhone – Will It Blend?

Once you have your new iPhone 3G, what do you do with your old one?  How about putting it in a blender? iPhone – Will It Blend?

Cash Back from Live Search? Really?

See how it works (details here), but to summarize: Search Search for cashback deals at Live Search cashback. Each time you click a Live Search cashback listing, you’ll find great deals on the product you chose. Your results will clearly list the cashback savings you’ll receive off the store price, and your final bottom-line price…


Need your Zune Fixed? Great experience!

So I have one of the new Zunes – 8GB black one to be exact.  I bought it a few months ago.  About 3 weeks ago it just died.. dead in the water, no power, no button response, no reset/reboot, nothing.  Great, now what?  I decided to call the Zune support line to see if there…



..from Delta Airlines.  At least someone understands the kinds of things that frequent travelers have to endure! Here’s a sample: All the videos are posted here, or you can also see them on Delta’s blog site.