Big news from Borland

Borland announced this morning two big moves: The acquisition of Segue Software The divesting of their IDE product lines. The purchase of Segue should help them better round out their ALM/SDO offering by being able to tout their own QA toolset. Borland is looking for a buyer of their IDE products, one that will keep…


Do I have to use requirements for my project?

(this is a post moved from my old blog.  My old blog post now links to this one) I’ve been asked this a few times now:  “If I have a functional or technical requirement, why do I need tasks?  The requirement IS my task, right?” The answer is, as is the case for most topics…


Group-based Permissions in Team Foundation Server

Two scenarios will be discussed in this post:  Single Hat and Multiple Hats.     Base Scenario: You have 3 people:  Joe, Sally, and Dave You have 3 main roles: Developer, Tester, Reviewer You also have 3 projects: Project A, Project B, and Project C     Scenario #1: Single Hats Team members wear only…


Integrating Project Server and Team System

There is a GotDotNet Workspace that is developing an integration between Project Server and TFS:


Team Foundation Server: Beta 3 Refresh vs. CTP

Which to use for evaluation?  Well it depends on you ultimately might use the evaluated TFS install as your production server.  Keep this important note in mind.  The Beta 3 Refresh version carries a go-live license, which means that Microsoft will provide a supported migration path to the RTM version of TFS.  The CTP version…


Timestamps and the Team Foundation Server

I was recently asked about how date/time stamps are stored in the TFS.  The concern was centered around distributed development that crosses timezones.  If someone in the UK checks in a piece of code to a server in California, how will the stamp be preserved so that a California user knows precisely when the code…


My first few days..

I now have a month under my belt at Microsoft as a Technical Specialist for Team System.  For those of you wondering about the substance behind the buzz of VSTS, believe me it’s there.  Microsoft is taking a bold new step into the SDLC world with a new enterprise-level source control system, work item tracking…