TFS “15” Preview is loaded..

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted.  It's been a crazy spring (and so far, summer), but luckily there are plenty of other bloggers around to disseminate content!

TFS "15" Preview came out last week, and it's packed with all kinds of goodies that until now you could only find with VSTS!  Here are the top 3 highlights:

  • Code Search: Just like it sounds, a search box for finding code! You can search across projects, use filters (like code type), wildcards, and drill-down.  Check this page out for more details, including a video.
  • Package Management Service: Create, organize, and share NuGet feeds within your organization. And it plugs right into to your CI processes for easy consumption.
  • New work item form: This has been in VSTS for a little bit, and now it's landed in TFS. Aside from just looking cooler, it also supports a much-improved discussion experience, better build integration, and a cleaner look at history.
There are several other improvements of course (checkbox control, Kanban board filtering, new widgets, Git improvements), but these are the ones people seem to be noticing up front.
I hope you all are enjoying your summer, and I promise to blog more frequently!


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