Woot! Visual Studio 2015 Product Line Announced

Visual Studio

I’ll refer you to the official Visual Studio blog post for more details, but just a heads up that the lineup for Visual Studio 2015 was announced this morning!

Again, full details on the VS blog, but here are the highlights:

  • Visual Studio Premium and Ultimate are condensing into a single, awesome product.  Meet Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise
    • If you have 2013 Premium or Ultimate today, you’ll automatically get upgraded to VS Enterprise whe it’s released.
    • The full comparison of features for the VS 2015 lineup are now available here.
    • Go here for more information on the Visual Studio 2015 product line, including pricing (and yes, Enterprise will be much cheaper that Ultimate!)
  • Are you using VS Professional or Test Professional?  Take a look at the offer that will be coming out in May.  Upgrade from Visual Studio Professional with MSDN or Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN to Visual Studio Premium with MSDN for 50% off the regular list price and get a free upgrade to Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN automatically when we release Visual Studio 2015.

    This exclusive offer is only available for 2 months!


All in all, Visual Studio 2015 is going to add tremendous value!  Not just to the product itself, but MSDN as well.  Look for more information about this upcoming release as it becomes available (I’ll try to post more as well!).

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