Webcasts: MSDN, Meet Azure. Activate your Benefits

Active Your MSDN Azure Benefit

I want to make sure you are aware of the below benefit and how you can enter into a drawing for one Acer ICONIA W510-1422 Windows 8 Hybrid Tablet!

clip_image002Enter for your chance to win an Acer ICONIA Windows 8 Hybrid Tablet!


Join one of the three Azure DevTest webcasts listed below and your name will automatically be entered into the drawing.

One winner will be announced June 6th, 2014. Drawing and announcement administered by Northwest Cadence. Prize sponsored by Microsoft.

Did you realize you, personally, have up to $150 of free credit monthly to spend on Windows Azure for anything you want! Can’t wait for IT to give you a test environment? Go get one now in Azure. Want to test out the latest Microsoft software? Spin up a free machine today! Want to host a blog to share your brilliant development skills with the world? Host one on your own Azure infrastructure today.

The bottom line is that you have credit to spend on Azure. The $150 monthly credit is “use it or lose it”, but you get a new $150 credit each month. What does $150 buy in Azure? If you have an MSDN subscription, each month you get enough money to run a virtual machine in the cloud for the entire month. You read that right… You can run your own cloud VM 24x7 as long as you have an MSDN subscription.

Getting started is easy! Simply visit here and click on “activate”. Once logged in with your Microsoft ID (aka Live ID), you can explore your new account portal here.

It’s that easy!  But if you get stuck, visit this blog post for the full scoop.

Now, use it!

If you’re not going to host your own server, I recommend using your benefits to create your own test environment. To learn more, check out the Azure DevTest webcast that Northwest Cadence is hosting on the following dates:

Everyone who attends one of the three webcasts above will be eligible to enter into a drawing for one Acer ICONIA W510-1422 Windows 8 Hybrid Tablet!

Creating a DevTest sandbox on Azure takes literally just minutes. Drive a configuration-as-code strategy, automate infrastructure, and most importantly, start turning around lightning-fast feedback between developers, testers, and operations to make your code production-ready faster (and better) than ever before.

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