Want More VS 2012 ALM Training? You Got It!

VS_Purp526_rgbOur friends at Northwest Cadence are offering a FREE two-event series in August.  These online events cover four individual sessions:

  • Session 1: A Lap Around Visual Studio 2012
    An introduction to the major new features and improvements in Visual Studio 2012. Expect to see the new enhanced User Interface, Agile Planning Tools, Requirements Gathering Tool, Stakeholder Feedback Tool, Updates to the Developer and Tester Experience, Version Control Improvements, and DevOps Integration. The list goes on but the ride starts here, so buckle up and join us for this lap around Visual Studio 2012.
  • Session 2: Visual Studio 2012 for Agile Teams
    Getting the tool out of the way and letting you stay in the zone is a big part of Visual Studio 2012. Come experience the new developer experience and workflows for work items, version control, unit testing, and code reviews. Visualizing your current work and updating status is almost effortless, version control is much more flexible, continuous testing made possible by a new unit testing interface, and a true code review workflow is available for collaboration and feedback.
  • Session 3: Storyboarding and Feedback Manager
    Bringing people with the good ideas into the software development process! Storyboarding and Feedback Manager can dramatically improve the quality of your requirements, and provide the voice of the customer to your development team. Storyboarding allows you to leverage the familiar features of PowerPoint to drive a completely new requirements-gathering experience. Feedback Manager provides a clean, intuitive interface to provide video, voice and image feedback. Both allow for powerful interaction between stakeholders, business analysts, developers, and testers, smoothing out the handoffs to ensure continuous delivery of customer value.
  • Session 4: Leveraging your Microsoft and Northwest Cadence Benefits for Visual Studio 2012
    Join Northwest Cadence as we provide you with an overview of the three (3) DTDPS offerings. We will explain how to activate  and strategically utilize these benefits to enhance your software deployment planning. In addition, we will review how you can connect DTDPS to other Software Assurance benefits within your agreement to ensure you gain the highest return on your investment.

To reserve your space in an upcoming series, please choose a date:

For more information, please email Rick.Flath@nwcadence.com

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