VS/TFS 2012 Tidbits: Requesting a Code Review on Code Already Checked in

As the Visual Studio family of products (Visual Studio, TFS, Test Professional) nears its 2012 release, I thought I’d bring some short hits – tidbits, if you will – to my blog. Some of these are pretty obvious (well-documented, or much-discussed), but some may be less obvious than you’d think. Either way, it’s always good to make sure the word is getting out there. Hope you enjoy!

Requesting a Code Review on Code Already Checked in

There’s been great hype about the new built-in code review capabilities in TFS 2012, and for good reason. The process is easy, effective, and most of all, audited.


But did you know that “My Work” is not the only place from where you can kick of a code review?  You can also do a review on code that’s already been checked in. Go to the file in Source Control Explorer, then view its history. In the History window, right-click on the changeset/revision and select “Request Review”.


This will load up the New Code Review form in Team Explorer:


Notice that it not only brings in the files from the changeset (5 of them, in this example), but also any work items that were related to this changeset as well.  The check-in comments are used to populate the title of the code review, as well as the optional description.

Off ya go!

Comments (24)

  1. Guest says:

    Thanks Steven!

    Just what I needed!

  2. John Ekka says:

    @Supradeep – please have look in following link . Microsoft Team has accepted this and hoping in future release will have solution 🙂 .


  3. Supradeep says:

    I have same problem as John and AlanKell. If anyone have any idea about its solution then please suggest..

  4. John Ekka says:

    Hi Steven, we are using TFS 2013 and facing same scenario explained by AlanKell on 10 Jul 2013 5:36 AM.

    Do you have any suggestion on same ?

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