Partner Event: Double Feature – Testing and ALM for Agile Development

Northwest Cadence and Microsoft are teaming up to bring you this free event!

During this seminar, we will cover two Agile topics, tying together testing and ALM inside an agile team. First, we will start with testing, highlighting the tools and techniques that can enable an agile test team that works tightly with the developers. Then we will broaden our vision to explore agility across the entire team. We will not only highlight the Visual Studio tools that can help you get to agility, we will directly address the difficult challenges teams have when adopting agile or lean principles. We will provide tips, tricks and cautions; case studies; and the key foundational reasons agile and lean techniques can work for your organization.

Morning Session: Agile Testing
10am – 12pm

  • During this portion of the seminar, you will learn how to:
  • Reduce development time through increased communication
  • Integrate testing into the development process
  • Minimize the cost of tracking, fixing, reproducing Bugs
  • Eliminate the pain of requirements management
  • Reduce repetitive work through Test Automation and manually creating Test Environments
  • Eliminate the guess work out of your software quality

Afternoon Session: Agile ALM
12:30pm – 4:30pm
Agile methods have changed how the software industry creates applications. New best practices have emerged to embrace a faster team-based approach to the challenges inherent in software delivery. Every aspect of application development - requirements, estimation, development, test, and deployment - benefits from new ideas and techniques.

This seminar will help you understand how to lead software projects and move your team onto agile methods for greater productivity and higher quality applications. It will define the domain and terminology, methods for managing the effort, and how roles have changed across the team in the agile world.

For the already agile, here’s the User Story for the training: "As a leader or team member in the enterprise software development process, I want to leverage a small number of key techniques and principles to dramatically and measurably improve my development practices, so that my organization can deliver more customer value, at faster intervals, to my customers."

At the end of the event we will provide a quick walk through of what’s coming in Visual Studio vNext!

I hope you can make it!  All you have to do is register:

11/8 Anchorage, AK
11/9 Bellevue, WA
11/29 San Diego, CA

For questions about this event series, contact Rick Flath at Northwest Cadence.

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