Partner Webcasts: Northwest Cadence

Several of our awesome ALM partners are delivering some terrific webcasts this summer and fall.  In this post, I’ve listed upcoming webcasts from Northwest Cadence.

Northwest CadenceTake a look, and if you see something you like, click on the webcast title to register!  See NW Cadence’s events page for additional details, events, or last-minute changes.

Friday, July 22 - Scrum versus Kanban

Scrum is a process model that promotes highly iterative, value driven development and has been successfully adopted by agile teams world-wide. Kanban, meaning “signboard”, is a concept relation to Lean and focuses on the reduction of work in progress and visual signals to indicate that new work should be started. Both models have proven track records, and in this session Martin Hinshelwood (ALM MVP and Scrum proponent) and Steven Borg (ALM MVP and Kanban fan) will go head to head to discuss their similarities, their differences, and which you should choose for your software development.

Friday, August 5 - Introduction to Kanban

Kanban is a Lean-inspired approach to software development. Although the rules of Kanban are simple, they are also remarkably powerful. By simply visualizing work, limiting work in process, and monitoring the flow of work, the team begins a powerful process of discovery and improvement. This has resulted in impressive improvements in nearly all areas of software development time and time again. During this event, we will talk about the five basic principles of Kanban adoption, the benefits of adoption, and the pitfalls along the way.

Friday, August 19 - Introduction to Scrum

Scrum is the most adopted agile methodology. Time and again, it has transformed low performing development teams into powerful creators of business value. Scrum does particularly well in environments where requirements shift or change unpredictably and in areas with substantial uncertainty. During this event, we will introduce the three Scrum roles, dive into the basic Scrum processes, and explore the reasons behind Scrum’s power. Although this event is an introduction to Scrum, we will provide several tips and tricks to assist in Scrum adoption.

Friday, September 9 - Visualize Work – The Power of Big Visible Displays

Visible work has a profound impact on a team. By making work visible, teams can rapidly identify bottlenecks and issues, visualize the amount of work the team has under development, and most importantly understand the “life story” of the features they are working on. At a glance, teams can identify overloaded people, problematic stories, quality problems, and overall development speed. Visualization is one of the key tools in an effective Kanban implementation. During this event, we will discuss how Kanban teams visualize work, where to get started with visualization, and the tools available to help build effective visualizations electronically.


Northwest Cadence delivers deep technical acumen and broad process perspective. After all, technologies alone do not translate into success. Productivity is about clearing bottlenecks and reducing waste while leveling the load wherever possible. It is also about optimizing flow, while preserving quality and minimizing risk. All of this makes for a delicate balance.

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