Today at TechEd: ALM Roadmap Released!

You’ve all be asking, “What’s next for Visual Studio?”  Well, today at TechEd in Atlanta, Jason Zander gave the first solid peek at Visual Studio “vNext”.

He also blogged in detail about this announcement.  Read his post in full for all the juicy details, including screenshots, but below are my personal highlights:

VS vNext will bring in two more role interactions: stakeholders and operations.  To do so, Visual Studio will include new and improved capabilities:

  • Agile Planning Tools – New backlog and task board capabilities will further help provide development transparency.
  • Lightweight Requirements – Use PowerPoint to communicate requirements and design in a comfortable manner.
  • Stakeholder Feedback – Similar to Test Pro 2010, stakeholders can easily provide actionable feedback about the work in progress.
  • Continuous Testing – Expanded unit test support by including MSTest, nUnit, and xUnit, targeting both .NET and native C++ code.
  • Agile Quality Assurance – Among other things, a new exploratory testing tool allows application “spelunking” to identify additional product issues.
  • Aligning Development with Operations – A new System Center / TFS connector CTP is on its way to help enable an operations team to assign application performance monitoring and diagnostic information gathered by System Center to TFS for immediate attention.

For more information, check out the “Visual Studio vNext: Application Lifecycle Management” whitepaper, now available. Also, be sure to take a look at the Visual Studio Roadmap.

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