Content from My DevExpress Webinars this Week

Thanks to those of you who attended the DevExpress webinars I delivered this week.  I hope it was worth your 60 minutes!

As promised, below is the content from each webinar.  I’ve posted the slide decks on, and the sample code from my second webinar on SkyDrive.

Feb 22nd - Team Foundation Server 2010 for Developers

(view the replay here at DevExpress)


Feb 24th – Visual Studio 2010 Testing for Developers

(view the replay here at DevExpress)

The sample project from this webinar can be found here on SkyDrive (click on

Again, thanks for attending!  I had a lot of fun!

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  1. Steven Lange says:

    Sorry about that – I've done some "spring cleaning" on my SkyDrive folders and the sample code got moved around.  I've updated this blog post to reflect the new location.  You can get the code here:

    Download the file.

    Thanks for watching!

  2. Krzysztof Król says:

    I know that it's been a while but can you share the source file of this presentations – because it's not available from your skydrive, and the "Team Foundation Server 2010 for Developers" is brilliant 🙂

    can you send me to

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