Ready for a Read? VS 2010 Licensing White Paper is Available

So you’ve probably heard me talk about it before – VS 2010 is simplified from VS 2008 in terms of SKU choices, MSDN subscriptions, prices, etc.

Too good to be true?  Kinda.  While the product and licensing model became more simplified, the licensing white paper became longer (up from 11-13 pages to about 30).  Personally, I blame font size, margins, and lots of example scenarios.

That all said, the Visual Studio 2010 Licensing White Paper is now available on Microsoft Downloads.

This white paper provides an overview of the Visual Studio 2010 product line and the licensing requirements for those products in common deployment scenarios.

For volume licensing customers who need a definitive guide to licensing terms and conditions, they should reference the Microsoft Licensing Product Use Rights (PUR) and applicable licensing agreements. For retail customers the license terms are specified in the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) included with your product.

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