Day 1: PDC – Information Overload

After hopping a shuttle bus from the hotel to the LA Convention Center, the official PDC “Day 1” started off with a flurry.  Ray Ozzie and Bob Muglia (along with several other demo helpers) kicked off the conference with several announcements.

I won’t go in to full details, but the highlights:

  • Windows Azure is going into production on January 1st, and will start billing on February 1st.
    • There’s a current CTP of a connector which will help Azure applications to connect to databases behind the firewall.
  • Codename “Dallas”:  Exposing public data for purposes of innovation.

Both can be read about in this eWeek article.

 Just 4,000 of my closest friends, waiting for the keynote to start.

Waiting for the first keynote to start.

Joe & Raj in a break area.

Joe Shirey and Raj taking a break from the sessions.

 A sample container datacenter.

A sample container from the Microsoft datacenters cropping up around the world.

A henna tattoo.  It's the new MSDN logo.

If you came by the VS 2010 area in the “Big Room”, you could get henna of some key logos & icons.  This one is of the new MSDN logo.

I wrapped up my day with the US DPE customer dinner at The Palm restaurant downtown.  Great customers, friends, colleagues, and steaks!

I had honestly hoped to write more about sessions and announcements, but it’s frankly too late in the evening.  That’s why you get the link to eWeek article, so you can read about it for yourself!

More tomorrow!

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