MSDN Events Coming Your Way!

After a brief summer break, we’re back at it with a fresh wave of MSDN events!  Take a look at the below listing, and I hope to see you there!

MSDN Presents: The Next Generation Client Experience

  • Windows 7 for Developers
    • Windows 7 is almost here! With it are numerous improvements and new features to take advantage of in your applications. Watch and learn as we demonstrate how to utilize the new taskbar, multi-touch support, search, libraries, and more.
  • IE8 for Developers
    • IE8 makes your web better… faster, safer and easier.  This is true for developers too.  In this session, we will illustrate how developers can take advantage of some new technologies in IE8 such as accelerators to enhance a user’s web experience.  We will also illustrate the built-in developer tools in IE8 and how to take advantage of them.  These tools include a powerful CSS tool, script debugging and a script profiler.
  • Building Business Applications with Silverlight 3
    • Silverlight 3 has launched.  In this session, we will illustrate how you can build powerful line of business (LOB) applications with Silverlight 3 and Expression Blend 3.  We will begin with illustrating how you can build powerful prototypes with SketchFlow in Blend 3.  We will then implement a LOB application, illustrating some design patterns such as the Repository and Model View View Model (MVVM) along the way.
When Where Registration
9/1 Colorado Springs link
9/2 Denver link
9/10 Albuquerque link

MSDN Presents: Introduction to F#

With the introduction of F# many people asked “Why does .NET need a new language?”  There are many reasons to use F#, but one of the biggest is its support of “asynchronous computational workflows,” a style of programming that makes multi-threaded applications relatively easy to write.  In this session we will introduce F# for those who haven’t spent any time with the new language.  We also will spend some time focusing on the threading aspects of F# that enable programmers to better take advantage of the multi-core processor environments.

When Where Registration
9/14 Denver link


We’ve got other events in the works around Team System as well, so stay tuned!

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