Take TFS for a Test Drive with a Hosted Trial

There is a new option for taking TFS for a test drive:


Free 6-week hosted trials of TFS are being offered by TeamDevCentral.  It includes:

·         Accounts allowing customers to experience different team roles and to collaborate within a project

·         Up to 4 hours of guidance and/or support for the trial can be used for any type of advice related to TFS or Visual Studio Team System


You can sign up for the trial at their website, or read the press release:  Press Release: TeamDevCentral Offers Free Trials of Hosted Microsoft Team Foundation Server


Comments (2)

  1. Steven Lange says:

    So a couple of thoughts:

    If you were able to create your new area and/or iteration without any errors, you may simply need to refresh your Team Explorer to grab/cache the newly created area/iteration.  Close your work item & work item queries that might be open.  Right-click on either the Team Project or the Work Items node and select "Refresh".  Then try again.

    If you’re having problems actually creating the area or iteration, then it may be a permissions issue – which means you should contact TeamDevCentral for help.

    And lastly, if I missed something here, please elaborate on what you did up to the point where you got stuck, and I’d be happy to help further.

  2. ShelbyC says:

    I tried the test version and when I tried to add an area and an iteration I couldn’t put a new bug in the iteration I just added.  Any ideas?

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