Bing! You are Now Free to Move About the Web

If you’ve been on the web at all in the last few days, you know that Microsoft has announced Bing, the latest version of its search engine.  Give it a try!

Here’s a video that really dives into the new search experience.  Experiment with different types of searches, including travel planning and shopping.  I think you’ll be impressed!

Of course, with any launch of a new product (or version of a product), it gets shoved down your throat.  Case in point on the MSN homepage:

Bing is on 4 places on the MSN home page.. really?

There are FOUR references to Bing, without even scrolling:

  • In the search bar
  • As the featured “Video Highlight”
  • In an ad just below “Today’s Picks” in the center column
  • In an ad to the far right

Bing!  Get it, Bing!  Bing! Bing! Bing! Bing! Bing!

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