Slide decks Now Available from the Team System Big Event – Denver

Many of you asked for the slides from the Big Event in Denver.  The slide decks from each session have been posted to on Slideshare

The decks and been uploaded to my profile, but are also organized on a Slideshare event page, which can be found HERE.

Just a couple quick tips if you’re new to

  • You can view each slide deck online, or optionally download it.  To download, click “Get File” at the top of the presentation.  (See screenshot below for an example)
  • Animations and slide transitions are usually lost when viewing the slide deck online.

Slideshare exampleOr, since I’m feeling like such a nice guy, below are links to the individual sessions:

Thanks again to all who attended.  It was a very well-received event, and I hope we can make it even bigger and better next year!

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