Check it out: Oracle Database Development in Visual Studio

In case you haven’t seen this, Microsoft in partnership with Quest Software, has announced a new plug-in which will provide Oracle database development support inside Visual Studio. This plug-in, available for Visual Studio 2010, is called Quest’s Database Schema Provider. With this, Oracle developers will now be provided with the tools to help them design their database schemas, PL SQL Code, stored procedures and triggers, and to do offline design, development, version control and change management for Oracle databases via Visual Studio 2010.

You can do this type of offline database development today in Visual Studio Team System with SQL Server. Support for DB2 is on the way, and this announcement will add Oracle to the list. What does all this mean? Simply that Visual Studio Team System is rapidly expanding its already robust ALM capabilities and abilities to support the entire lifecycle, regardless of platform.

This importance announcement was made at this year’s VSLive conference in San Francisco.

You can read more about it via the following links:

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