TFS Proxy Performance Benchmarking

If you’ve ever wondered just how much effect a TFS proxy will have on your TFS performance, the article linked below might help give you some perspective.

I find this information to be very helpful when discussion TFS performance with customers.  Some seem to feel that it’s imperative that a proxy be installed in their environment (this seems to be due to experience with past SCM systems (Rational) that virtually required their multi-site setup to be implemented for remote teams).

I highly encourage you to take a look at this article, which addresses the following points:

  • Which operations will be executed faster and how much faster, if we use TFS Proxy?
  • Which operations do not use TFS Proxy at all?
  • How traffic is shared between the local computer, TFS, and the TFS Proxy servers?
  • How does the Internet channel rate impact on an operation's execution time?
  • How do the various TFS Proxy settings impact on an operation's execution time?
  • Here’s the article link:

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    1. Stu Grater says:

      Great article.  We’re getting ready to use proxy machines in Argentina and India for our TFS server here in SLC.  Thanks for posting this, it was very helpful.


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