Just in Time For Christmas! New Team System Virtual Images

I won’t duplicate content too much, but there are 4 updated virtual images for you to play with.  They expire on 12/31/2009. Here’s the link to the announcement:  http://www.pluralsight.com/community/blogs/brian/archive/2008/12/24/happy-holidays-and-look-what-santa-s-brought.aspx Happy Holidays!


TFS Proxy Performance Benchmarking

If you’ve ever wondered just how much effect a TFS proxy will have on your TFS performance, the article linked below might help give you some perspective. I find this information to be very helpful when discussion TFS performance with customers.  Some seem to feel that it’s imperative that a proxy be installed in their…


TFS Branching Guide v 2.0 Shipped!

Branching strategy is one of the most important aspects of TFS deployment. The right strategy can lead to optimized team cooperation, increased productivity and a successful adoption. On the other hand, a bad branching strategy can cause frustrations, damage production and derail TFS adoption in an organization. We have therefore put a lot of effort…