Recap: MSDN Event Series: SQL 2008, VSTO, & Silverlight 2

This recap can be summed up in one sentence: 

If you didn’t go, you missed out.


I tagged along to two of these events, in Denver and Billings.  All the presenters completely blew away the audiences covering topics around SQL Server 2008, VSTO and Silverlight 2.

In Denver, thanks to Paul Bloom from Statera for doing the SQL Server 2008 session, Jerry Nixon from American Systems Group for covering the VSTO session, and Rob Bagby for delivering the Silverlight 2 segment.

I couldn’t help myself – I snapped 5 quick pictures from the front during a break and let Live Photo Gallery stitch together a panorama for me (above).  How easily this was done is just another tidbit testament to Vista & Live.  I took these pictures, walked over to my laptop, plugged in my camera, 1-click imported all of them to Live Photo Gallery, and let it create the panorama.  To quote John Madden, “Boom!”

Stitched panorama of attendees in Denver


Stitched panorama from BillingsBillings

In Billings, huge thanks go to Jason Mauer for delivering all three sessions.

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