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So while I wish I could say that there is once consolidated site that lists all the events for a particular region, there isn't one.  There's the Microsoft Events site, MSDN Events, User Group sites, INETA, and many more.  I've pledged to do my best to maintain a Live calendar for all pertinent developer-related events in my areas (primarily Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, but others as well), which you can access here (HTML | ICS | RSS/XML).  So far, so good - but please let me know if I'm missing anything.. especially User Groups.

Below are the places that I know of to find upcoming events in the area:






New Mexico

Nevada (Las Vegas area)


Again, I'm trying to maintain a Live calendar of developer-centric events throughout the Desert-Mountain area. 

Desert Mountain Events Calendar on Live Spaces

Please shoot me a note if I'm missing something.  As I find time, I hope to find a good way to aggregate the event data from multiple sites into one calendar (that I won't have to manually update!) .

The link for my calendar is here:  http://dpeuswrs.calendar.live.com/calendar/Desert+Mountain/index.html

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    Look to the right of this blog, to the beginning of the "News" section.  I’ve added a

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