RMWTUG: Special Virtualization Event

If you're interested in learning more about virtualization technologies, I highly encourage you to check out this event, put on by the Rocky Mountain Windows Technology User Group!  Below is a copy/paste from the event page:


The RMWTUG Virtualization mini-conference demonstrates the state-of-the-art with server virtualization technologies, including those from VMware and Microsoft. CIOs, CTOs, managers, developers and system and network administrators are invited to spend a half-day with the RMWTUG. A number of prizes will be given away at this event -- see below.

"With the recent release of Microsoft’s Hyper-V technology, a new major player has entered the competitive landscape and a great number of questions about server virtualization have arisen in the minds of many IT professionals," said Dennis Martin, RMWTUG President. "Many want to compare the two technologies side-by-side, and this mini-conference is the perfect place to do this."

Because this event is run by the non-profit RMWTUG, the general point of view of the presentations will be neutral with respect to the virtualization technologies. The focus of this event is to show how server virtualization configuration, usage and management tasks are performed on these differing technologies. Features and functions that are common to these technologies will be demonstrated, and features and functions that are unique to one or the other will also be demonstrated. Network and storage management functions will also be demonstrated.

Technologies at this Mini-Conference

The main presentation will be performed with real servers, networking and storage infrastructure on the stage, courtesy of Demartek. On the stage will be four identical, large, name-brand servers (dual-Xeon, quad-core, large memory) along with enterprise-class networking and storage infrastructure including iSCSI and Fibre Channel storage. Two of the servers will be running ESX and two will be running Hyper-V. The Gold and Silver sponsors have the opportunity to participate in the on-stage demonstration with their hardware and software.

Some of the technology that will be used in the on-stage demonstrations includes 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) networking, 4- and 8-Gigabit Fibre Channel storage, and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) storage. This event may be the first public demonstration for some of this technology. Watch this space for other technologies that will be available at this event.

This promises to provide an objective view and comparison of different virtualization technologies, including Microsoft technologies.

The event & registration page is here:  http://www.rmwtug.org/Virtualization_Event.htm

This mini-conference will be at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Denver.

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