DENVER: Team System Training Open Enrollment

adventos Join Adventos for a rich, integrated training experience on the leading Microsoft technology!

Visual Studio Team System is an integrated software development platform used to build applications on the Microsoft platform. It extends Visual Studio’s integrated and productive experience from the developer to the entire development team by delivering new role-based tools for software architects, developers, testers and project managers. Join us for an exciting four-day course on this leading Microsoft technology! The following table presents a brief overview of each day.

Day 1

  • Welcome to VSTS
    • Concepts, Terms, and Acronyms
    • VSTS Deployment Scenarios
    • Agile and Iterative Software Development
    • Team Projects and Project Portals
  • Tracking the Lifecycle with Work Items
    • Areas, Iterations, and Backlogs
    • Work Items
    • Linked Work Items
    • Work Item Queries
  • Designing Enterprise Architectures
    • Patterns and Best Practices
    • Visual Modeling in VSTS
    • VSTS Diagrams and Software Factories

Day 2

  • Establishing a Productive Environment
    • Team Foundation Source Control
  • Team Foundation Build
    • Build Servers
    • Build Types
    • Automated Builds
  • Improving Efficiency and Software Quality
    • Code Snippets
    • Refactoring
    • Static Code Analysis
    • Unit Tests and Test Driven Development

Day 3

  • Integrating Database with VSTS
    • Database Projects
    • Project Properties
    • Importing Schemas
    • Layout of Database Projects
    • Importing Scripts
    • Creating New Objects
    • Building and Deploying

Day 4

  • Refactoring Databases
    • Motivations
    • Precautions and Safety Features
    • Previewing, Committing, and Undoing Changes
  • Applying Modern Testing Approaches
    • Test Projects and the Test Manager
    • Manual Tests
    • Web Tests
    • Load Tests
    • Ordered Tests
    • Build Verification Tests
  • Achieving Visibility
    • Prescriptive v. Descriptive Metrics
    • Tour of VSTS Reports
    • Retrospectives

Course Logistics
Adventos will be offering this course at their headquarters in Denver, CO Monday, May 19 through Thursday, May 22, 2008. The cost is $1,764 per student and includes use of corporate laptop for course duration, materials, and training.

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Contact us today by calling (720) 228-4025 or emailing We’re ready to help you and your organization prepare for the next generation of VSTS!

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