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Are you kidding me?  People are using blogging, this great communications medium, to play TAG?  So let me get this straight:  I mind my own business, don't over-blog because I try to only post meaningful stuff here, and now because I've been "tagged" I need to reveal 5 things about myself.  All thanks to Grace Francisco.

  1. I used to sing in a barbershop quartet.  Not the whole nine yards with the ‘stache and hat, but the tunes were the same.  It was in high school, and for that age, I believe we were quite good.  We called ourselves the Talismen (a “talisman” is a good luck charm), and placed 9th nationally in a collegiate competition (and beat out the other 2 high school entries so we could call ourselves #1 in the nation).

  2. My kid is the coolest kid on the planet.  No, seriously.  I’m sure yours is great, and I know I’m biased; but I don’t care. 

  3. When it comes to sports, I’m not a fair-weather fan.  I’m no more a Colts fan now than before they won the Super Bowl.  I grew up in Northern California as a 49ers fan, and I remain one to this day.  I’ve always been a Lakers fan, not just because I live in Southern California and they historically have done well, but because I like them.

  4. I can cross one eye at a time.  Tons of people can cross their eyes, but I can cross just one.  The fun part is looking right, then moving the right eye to the left (crossing the eyes), and finally moving the left eye out to the left (to finish up looking to the left).  You can cheat this by looking right, then crossing your eyes, then looking left.  The true test is to do it as slowly as possible.

  5. My single biggest pet peeve is people not being prepared in the security line at the airport.  If you haven’t flown since 9/11, then I’ll cut you some slack.  But if you’re obviously a semi-regular traveler, you’ve got to know that you’re going to have to remove all metal from your pockets, remove your shoes, take off your jacket, take out your laptop, etc.  So why can’t you do some/all of that before you get to the front of the line?  Seriously, I put all my metal stuff (phone, keys, cell phone) in my carry-on and remove my laptop before I even get in line.  That way all I have to do is remove my shoes when I get there.  I simply can’t understand it.

In the interest of keeping my friends my friends, I’ll end the madness with me and not tag anyone else (at least for now).

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  1. I mentioned this once before as a major pet peeve of mine. Why is it so hard for people to figure out

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