Where’s my old Borland blog?

I think the folks at Borland have finally removed my StarTeam blog.  With the inception of CodeGear, CG seemed to take over the blog server, and removed me. 

I honestly haven't touched it since leaving Borland, but several former colleagues and customers have emailed me wondering if the content is still available somewhere (I had a lot of how-to's and SDK samples posted).  I honestly don't think it's archived anywhere, but I've asked the CodeGear folks via email, and will post the URL if it's still posted somewhere.

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  1. Steven Lange says:

    Hi Vijay,

    It’s been quite some time since I wrote this script (think 3+ years), and I’m not sure what would need updating to work with the more recent versions of StarTeam.  It looks like this script will get you close, except that you want to scope your script to a given project, and you want to output comments and who/when the file is locked.

    There is a property name (PropertyNames.EXCLUSIVE_LOCKER) that will get the user id of the user with the lock (or -1 if it’s not locked), and .Comment will give you the comment of the latest revision.  However, to my recollection (again, it’s been a few years since I hacked away at the StarTeam SDK), there isn’t a way to get a timestamp of when a lock was created.  And comments are only created when revisions are created, so there isn’t a "lock comment" necessarily.

    Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  2. Vijay says:

    Hi Steve,

    I want to generate a report to list all the files in StarTeam that are locked in all the views in a project? Basically I am looking for a report which says the following

    File   – Locked by – Comments            – LockedDate

    File A – ViewB     – DeveloperX-Comments

    File A – ViewC     – DeveloperY-Comments

    File B – ViewB     – DeveloperZ-Comments

    I searched through the internet and found a script that list all the files in all the projects. It was posted in Codegear by someone but it was mentioned that you helped him writing this script.

    If yes Could you please help me in this?



    This is the script


    ‘ This code provided by Steve Lange, tweaked by Mark Creamer for my environment’s needs

    ‘ Thanks Steve for this incredibly valuable script!!

    ‘ VBScript source code

    ‘ The StarTeam URL to connect to the server

    ‘ Enter between the quotes in this format: user:password@server:port

    const strURL= “user:password@server:port”

    ‘ The output file path

    const strOutputFile = “c:filelist.txt”

    ‘ The field delimiter for the output file

    const strDelimiter = “|”


    ‘ Get going..


    ‘ StarTeam Variables

    Dim oFinder, oServer, oProject, oView, oFLMFact, oFLM, oILMFact, oILM, oType, oFile

    ‘ File System Variables

    Dim oFSO, oFSOFile

    echo “Connecting to StarTeam..”

    Set oFinder = WScript.CreateObject(“StarTeam.StStarTeamFinderStatics”)

    Set oServer = oFinder.openServer(strURL)

    echo “Connected.”

    ‘ Create the ..ListManager Factories

    Set oFLMFact = WScript.CreateObject(“StarTeam.StFolderListManagerFactory”)

    Set oILMFact = WScript.CreateObject(“StarTeam.StItemListManagerFactory”)

    ‘ Get “File” type

    Set oType = oServer.typeForName(oServer.TypeNames.FILE)

    ‘ Open output file

    echo “Opening output file..”

    set oFSO = WScript.CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)


    ‘ Process Projects

    echo “Processing projects..”

    For Each oProject in oServer.Projects

    echo vbTab & oProject.Name

    Set oView = oProject.DefaultView

    Set oFLM = oFLMFact.Create(oView)

    oFLM.includeFolders oView.RootFolder, -1

    Set oILM = oILMFact.Create(oType, oFLM)

    echo vbTab & “Logging ” & oILM.ItemsArray.Count & ” files..”

    For Each oFile in oILM.ItemsArray

    echo vbTab & oFile.Name

    Log oProject.Name & strDelimiter & oFile.ParentFolderHierarchy & strDelimiter & oFile.Name



    echo “Done processing projects.”

    ‘ Close output file

    echo “Closing output file..”


    ‘ Disconnect from the server.

    echo “Disconnecting from StarTeam..”


    echo “Done!”

    ‘ Clean up

    Set oFile = Nothing

    Set oType = Nothing

    Set oILM = Nothing

    Set oILMFact = Nothing

    Set oFLM = Nothing

    Set oFLMFact = Nothing

    Set oView = Nothing

    Set oProject = Nothing

    Set oServer = Nothing

    Set oFinder = Nothing


    ‘ Functions & Subs


    ‘ Convenience method for writing to the command window

    Sub echo(txt)

    WScript.Echo txt

    End Sub

    ‘ Open output file

    Sub OpenFile()

    Set oFSOFile = oFSO.CreateTextFile(strOutputFile, true)

    End Sub

    ‘ Close output file

    Sub CloseFile()


    End Sub

    ‘ Write to output file

    Sub log(txt)

    oFSOFile.WriteLine txt

    End Sub


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