The Rules Engine and Repeating Elements

I have found a scenario with the rules engine where the defaults in the Rule Composer do not produce the desired results when dealing with a node that contains repeating elements.   The XML document that I was dealing with had the following structure.   <Package> <Items> <Item>Description for Item 1</Item> <Item>Description for Item 2</Item>…


Promoted properties on imported schemas

When using imported schemas that have promoted properties, those promoted properties do not get carried over to the importing schema.  If you want to use those items you will need to re-promote them in the importing schema.


Base Data Types and Restrictions in the Schema Editor

In the past I had blogged about another item that needed to be manually added to the schema through a text editor.  I have found another case where properties are not exposed in the BizTalk XSD editor.   The XSD schema specification defines the ability to restrict the type definitions in section 4.3 of the…


Returning null from a Pipeline

In my previous Blog entry titled Accessing Promoted Properties in a Pipeline Component I talked about sending data to a pipeline in order to insert the data into a database.  Once that data was sent to the database I ended up passing the entire incoming message back to the BizTalk engine so that BizTalk could…


How to get the source file name in a pipeline component

In previous entries I have shown how to access Pipeline Context items.  There are a number of ‘built in’ promoted properties that provide important information.  There are different items for the receive and send pipelines.   The 14 receive pipeline items are (including the associated namespace):  1.  ReceivedFileName (  2.  InboundTransportLocation (  3.  InterchangeID (…


Accessing Promoted Properties in a Pipeline Component

You can get access to any promoted properties that exist in the property schema for a specific message type.  I was on a project where we were trying to send data to a stored procedure on an Oracle database.  We created a property schema to promote the fields that we needed and created a custom…


The Bloggers Guide to BizTalk

Alan Smith has created a great resource called “The Bloggers Guide to BizTalk”.  He created a help file (.chm file) where he has incorporated some great content from many of the BizTalk Bloggers.  These include: Alan Smith Scott Woodgate Christof Claessens Lee Graber Jeff Lynch Stephen Kaufman Jan Tielens Darren Jefford Kevin B Smith Mike…


Schema Editors

Being at client sites all day, it seems that my cube becomes a gathering spot for people to stop by and let me know both the things that they like about Microsoft tools and the things that they don’t.    I was stopped the other day and was told that after installing BizTalk, whenever this…


Pipeline Interfaces

Even though you add the [ComponentCategory(CategoryTypes.CATID_Any)] attribute to your custom pipeline that does not mean that if you put your pipeline into any stage that it will still be executed.  There are two levels of functionality that need to be understood when implementing and using custom pipelines.  The first are the attributes used to decorate…


BizTalk Integration with Visual Source Safe

Since BizTalk 2002 was not integrated with Visual Studio it was up to each developer to remember to manually check out/check in each of the BizTalk artifacts.  This was problematic since most developers were focused on getting the work done and before they new it the day was gone.  It was not uncommon at most…