MSMQ Label Property and WCF

The label property of an MSMQ message has been used for many things.  Developers still use the label property and want to continue to use it.  So, how do you get access to this property in WCF before posting your message to the queue.  It turns out that if you are using the NetMSMQBinding you…


Finding the latest written document in a directory

I am working on a BizTalk test system within TFS for a client.  They are sending the output messages to a file location and using a GUID as the file name.  They have a requirement to take the output message and compare it to a known good output to determine if they are the same…


BizTalk Mapping Design Template

I visit a lot of customers and I hear many of the same questions.  One of the most common at the beginning of a project is how do I document and design the transformations.   I have created a template (that you can download) that I use and provide when I am on a project…


I will be speaking at TechEd EMEA’s IT Forum

I am very excited that I will be presenting at TechEd EMEA this year. I am presenting on Monitoring BizTalk Server SOA solutions with MOM.  If you are going to be there stop by and say hello. My session is: WSI301 Creating and Managing SOA Solutions with BizTalk Server and Microsoft Operations Manager


Processing FIFO MSMQ Messages using WCF

  I have been having fun working on the middle tier of an application which is using BizTalk, Windows Workflow, MSMQ and the Windows Communication Framework.   One of the requirements is to processes messages we receive from a legacy system through MSMQ in FIFO order.    We used WCF to communicate with MSMQ and…


Twin Cities BizTalk User Group Meeting – July 19th, 2007

If you are in Minneapolis on Thursday July 19th please join us for the next Twin Cities BizTalk User Group Meeting. The meeting takes place at the Microsoft office in Bloomington from 6:00 to 7:30 Andy Morrison, from Digineer, will be delivering a presentation titled ‘Leveraging BAM in the real world’.


I will be speaking at TechEd 2007

  I am very excited that I will be presenting at TechEd this year.  I am presenting on Monitoring BizTalk Server with MOM.  The last time that I spoke at TechEd was back in 2000.  I have been a speaker at many other events and enjoy speaking but there is something really enjoyable about speaking…


Mapping from multiple source document with a key

In my last blog post I said that when I found more scenarios that required custom XSLT I would blog about it.  I just didn’t think it would be quite so soon.    In this case I have two source documents and I needed to loop through one of them and select items off the…


XSLT and a Commerce Server Catalog Query

I am becoming more and more convinced that you need to have good XSLT skills to work with the Commerce Server Adapters for BizTalk.  Well, I came across a situation that called for a custom XSLT solution.  I have written about some of these cases in past blog entries and as I find more situations…


Querying Commerce Server with Commerce Servers’ BizTalk Adapters

I am working on a large project  where we need to query Commerce Server to create data feeds to send to such sites as MSN Shopping, Yahoo Shopping, PriceGrabber, etc.   When we create these data feeds we need to query for every item in the catalog.    There are a couple of blogs out there…