Twin Cites BizTalk User Group Meeting – September 21st, 2006

If you are in Minneapolis on Thursday September 21st please join us for the next Twin Cities BizTalk User Group Meeting.

The meeting takes place at the Microsoft office in Bloomington from 6:00 to 7:30

Scott Colestock will be presenting on Applying MST (Maximum Sustainable Throughput) to a Management/Operations Strategy

Here is a description of his talk. 

"If you have dived into the BizTalk performance whitepapers or documentation on engine performance characteristics, you have encountered the phrase “Maximum Sustainable Throughput” (MST).  MST describes the highest load of message traffic that a BizTalk system can handle indefinitely in production.

How can we define a management and operations strategy around these concepts, such that we can be less reactive in a production environment and more attuned to system health trend lines?  How can we know empirically that a BizTalk system is approaching the point where additional servers should be added?

Ideally, we are able to leverage what we learn about a system during performance testing to create clear-cut operational guidance.

This talk will focus on what instrumentation is provided by BizTalk that will allow you to use an operations management tool (such as MOM 2005 or Operations Manager 2007) to determine whether an application is continuing to operate within its design limits – to move beyond just watching for saturated physical resources."

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