Mapping: Conditional Output

In this blog entry I will show two different ways to use logical functoids to affect the output of the mapping process.  Just as in the last mapping blog entry these two examples are at the top of the list of mapping questions people ask me.   The first example will show how to split…


Mapping: Inline XSLT Scenario

Many of the blog entries that I write about are based on questions that customers ask me.  One of the areas that customers tend to ask most about are advanced mapping topics.  I thought it would be a good idea to take many of these questions and post them as blog entries.    The first…


MOM, the MOM Resource Kit and BizTalk Management Packs

I have been spending a lot of time on my current project working on the operations and monitoring phase of the project life cycle.   During discussions about the differences between MOM 2000 and MOM 2005 there have been many questions and a bit of confusion about the support for the different BizTalk Management Packs….